Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Proud to be a fashion blogger !

Being a fashion blogger is not easy - it requires time and energy - but is ridiculously fun and creative !
Sure I'm sometimes criticized for not wearing tights in the middle of January or for taking photos of everything I'm doing or eating and then posting them on Instagram . But hey , you can't be brave and confident if you've only had wonderful things happen to you !
If you want to see the rainbow , you've got to put up with the rain first !
It is also a challenge - with so many fashion bloggers around - you need to stand out , be passionate and put proud in what you do !

T-shirt courtesy of T-shirt Policy London (buy it here) - Skirt H&M (old) - Shoes Zara (new collection) - Necklace Forever 21 (new collection , I am wearing two here) - Bracelet Forever 21 (new collection)


I agree with you completely! People think it's pure narcissism to blog our outfits... but there's so much more to it than just being vain.
Like you mention, it requieres a lot of dedication and hard work, and as well it means getting frowned upon and criticized.
But in the end it is so fun and rewarding that it is all worth it :)
Beautiful photos!

Indeed love ! Thank you for sharing your opinion here ! x

You re so right, hon! Keep doing what you re doing, cause you re doing it right! Kisses

Great post, Andreea! :)
I´m more concient every day of our feminity thanks to you.
Pupiiici! <3

Totally agreed......no one really understands that it's not just the clothes that we are putting out there.....it's our heart and mind too.....you look beautiful as always :)
Brooke @ what2wear

The book you are looking at in these pics 'Dreaming of Chanel' intrigues me, what is it like?

adevarat! nu e usor, dar e atat de frumos ;)
P.s. arati impecabil :*

Lovely shots!
Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

cat esti de cuuuteee <3 si ce poze mega lovely! kisses

Ce frumos e acolo la tine, imi place foarte mult:)


Ha, this tee is great I love it!


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