Friday, 20 September 2013

A letter from me to you !

When you're young you're told all sort of things , as you get older you pick up even more sayings , principles and beliefs , many of which you just assume to be true and never think to question .
However , I also think , for example , that a dream doesn't become reality through magic - it takes hard work , strength and determination and it surely doesn't happen as quick and easy as clapping your hands .
So I encourage you , my lovely fashionista , to break these so-called rules and live the life you've imagined ! Be ready to work hard and always strive for more !

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And since Dreaming of Chanel is not only a fashion and lifestyle blog , but also a fantastic inspirational and motivational space , I invite you to read my interview for where I talk about the blog , how it all started and any future plans .
Visit their website here and read other fabulous articles .


Great post :D

I love your dress so much!

You look so classy :D

Just uploaded a new post and I definitely need your opinion :D !

Have a great day :D


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