Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Shoe addiction

 Buying shoes is one of my life's great treats - of all the accessories and clothes in my wardrobe , the shoes really dictate my style .
So , whether i am wearing a plain , black dress or jeans and a tee , a pair of red stilettos will definitely change my look and i will be ready to step out in style .
 To get the most out of my shoe - shopping sprees , i always plan some outfits in my head before i buy shoes - that way they will not become my wardrobe dust - catchers .
My collection is growing fast - and i can't be more than happy !
Are you addicted to buying shoes , too , my lovely fashionista ?

p.s. To be continued 


Love the pics! I'm also addicted to shoes, as I first started my career working in the footwear industry!
Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

Oh yeah, I share your love for shoes, Andreea!
And great pictures, we want to see more of your wardrobe, hehe
I wish you a fantastic day ahead! :*

Lovely pics!
The flowers shoes are beautiful!! *____*
Nuovo Post: Cospiracy shoes

thank you so much for your comment. i love this original post...
lot of kisses


I love your look! The color combination is so great! You look so pretty!


sunt superbi toti !!! :D

You have great shoes! And love the Audrey photo in the background. X Kirsten

Great collection,hon!LOve these pics!

You have a lovely collection. Your shoes are so pretty.
The flowers shoes are very stylish.
Nice photos.

Thanks a million guys !! Hugs & kisses xx

Thank you for following me! I would love to follow you back :) X

This post is just too cute! You have quite the gorgeous collection!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Caked Vintage Blog

i know how you feel,I'm crazy about shoes,and you are so cute and you have amazing collection :)
follow you :))

aww your the cutest. new follwer hunny.

Adorei o blog , eu sou louca por sapatos sou mesmo apaixonada :)

Es muito bonita querida


Ja sigo o blog , segues o meu tambem ?


Haha so cute post dear:)
I love also shoes!
xx Ilka

its all about the shoes for ME... Love the fact I work just to keep my lil shoe collection growing + growing. Really loving all ur heels shown in this post

like your blog dear,
keep posting and go for it!!!


Love the shoes!


how cool these pictures! I can tell your post title is right on, loving the purple sandals!

Wow, so many fantastic shoes :)
Hope you had a great day, kisses

Thanks a million ladies for your sweet comments !!

These photos with the shoes are so much fun! I love the color combo of your outfits, as well as the top itself!


Oh you have them too :D yes they(the studded shoes:P) look great,love'em :))but the other shoes are amazing too :X sure i follow you:*
PS love the sweater you have on in these pics:X

love your look ^^ awesome

You are so cute! And you have an awesome shoes collection.
Thanks for following my blog... I'll definitely follow back =)

<3 Hudson East

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