Friday, 5 July 2013

Vestiaire Collective - Wishlist

Did it ever happen to you to fall in love with an item and want it sooo badly , just to find out is sold out ?
Then read on , my lovely fashionista , because that's all about to change !
The Parisian pre-owned designer e-tailer - Vestiaire Collective has arrived on British shores a year and so ago and is already a massive hit , bursting out with high-end gems ! 
They stock the absolute crème de la crème - just think sold-out Kenzo sweatshirts , Isabel Marant sneakers or Celine trapeze bags - with some items selling within 20 seconds of appearing on the website . 
What makes Vestiaire Collective so innovative and such a phenomenon is the way they act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers - every single item is being meticulously checked to eliminate any misleading shopping experiences .
What's more , my lovely fashionista , you can find some fabulous pieces just under £100 , so whether you are on a budget or not , whether you want to sell or buy , be ready to spend a lot of time on Vestiaire Collective - I'm already hooked !

My oh-I-want-it-so-badly wishlist ! Purses at the ready !

  1.  Zoe sweatshirt £58.80 - buy it here
  2. Jade swinging jeans £107.40 - buy it here
  3. New Balance unisex sneakers £80 - buy it here
  4. Laurence Dolige print shirt £55 - buy it here
  5. Phillip Lim Pashli bag £567.47 - buy it here
  6. Alexander Wang pumps £257.94 - buy it here
  7. Antik Batik blouse £97.50 - buy it here
  8. Masscob trousers £97.50 - buy it here
  9. Carven wedges £128.97 - buy it here
  10. Muun beach bag £67.50 - buy it here


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