Thursday, 28 June 2012

Secrets of a fashionista - How to shop the sales

Good morning , my gorgeous fashionista ! Allow me to share my golden rules of sales shopping - you might have a couple of secrets too , so i hope you would share them with us . Blogging , afterwall , is all about socialising and sharing your fashion experiences . 
Back to the sales shopping now ! Like any mission , the power is in the prep .

* Eat ! It will be a long day , with an early start .

*Stay hydrated ! You will be running ! Everywhere !

*Wear an across-the-body bag and easy layers - avoid wearing tight clothes , it takes longer to get undressed !

*Go deep ! The bargains are usually in the middle of the store . Check the floor , too - i always , always find lovely things on the floor !

*Charm the staff and ask when they are bringing out new stock !

*Check the changing rooms - some of the best buys get left there !

*Buy with the next season in mind !

*Invest in the classics : an Alexander Wang bag or a pair of Chloe wedges never go out of fashion .

Go forth and conquer , my fellow fashionistas !
If you have got any other tips and secrets , share them with us - i am looking forward to read them , all ! Hugs x

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There is definitely a technique to successful sale shopping - I enjoyed reading your tips. Eating and staying hydrated is a good one. I get carried away and lunch often passes me by!!

Glad to hear you liked the tips !

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