Thursday, 2 May 2013

Birthday girl !

Today is the oldest I have ever been and the youngest I'll have ever been again !
I am not the same . Like the seasons , I change .  And I deeply hope that I am changing into a better person , more ambitious and mature .
Don't get me wrong , but being 26 made me realize that (hmm I'm old now) is high time to think more about my future and - to my parents' happiness - my baby girl :) .
I'll enjoy every single moment . The good , the bad , the beautiful , the ugly , the inspiring , the not-so-glamorous moment and thank God through it all !
And so ... the adventure begins ! Happy 26 !

p.s. To be continued !


Have I read this completely wrong, or are you having a little baby girl?! x

Oh no , not yet ! We are planning soon , though x

Happy birthday!!!!!

Never too late to wish u a happy bday all the best.
Had mixed feelings when i celebrated my own 26th back in September...

Christy of:

Happy Birthday Andreea! Sorry for late but I didn't have Internet :( I wish you to be happy and appreciated for what you do! xo

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