Thursday, 4 April 2013

Relaxing mood

Breakfast in bed , a hot cup of coffee in your hands and your favourite book - it's so easy to lose track of your daily stress and commitments ! Just treat yourself and your mind to a well-deserved break , I bet you'll feel a million times better after spending a whole afternoon doing nothing !
Simply grab a jumper - a fluffy one would be just perfect , it will keep you warm and cozy - and a pair of thick tights - go for bold prints or colours for a wow statement ! I absolutely love the new hash tag print tights from Jonathan Aston - now all you have to do is decide what print to go for ! Buy Jonathan Aston hosiery here !

Tights courtesy of Jonathan Aston (buy it here) - Jumper H&M (new collection)


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ahh cat imi place cartea Parisian Chic... are atatea idei faine si te motiveaza:D

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